Being a Widow

Being a widow gives us rights, and misery, and not much else. But it doesn’t have to be a cage with walls built by anyone but ourselves. It’s OUR widowhood.

I Should Have Been Wearing My Monkey

Beautiful, isn’t he? I bought him twenty years ago from a jewelry maker named Judith Helburn. She traveled with her husband, an archeologist, and the bead on which this monkey sits is very old coral. The monkey himself is jade, not valuable, but wonderful. I love it. For more than a...


Metamorphosis – New in New Orleans

My trip to New Orleans last year was the first time I’d traveled alone as a widow. The experience was profound. Details of the trip and that experience are in my book…and I’m advised to not give them away here. What I can share here is that, in addition...


It’s Okay, Dammit!!

Being a widow sucks! We sit alone, filling our days and nights with tears and memories as we give up on our tomorrows.  Or we run in circles like fools, taking on more work than we have time to do – so that we don’t have the energy to think...