What is The Tao of Mae West?



It’s the result of writing my memoir, Channeling Mae West (the working title) and that was the result of having lost the love of my life and having to learn how to live life as a widow. Early in that journey I realized that I was still in love with my husband. And yet I was very much alive and that I actually wanted to live — to the fullest.

Through a series of embarrassing incidents, Mae West entered my life. Although a little dangerous, I found her power and humor to be both healing and entertaining.

As Mae said, “You only live once. But if you do it right – once is enough!”

I searched traditional paths for guidance in this new life and found…nothing. Avenues and highways to understanding grief were everywhere. But not even a rocky trail pointed to the first steps one might take.when the energy to live returned  – when the desire to feel something other than sorrow became more powerful than the sorrow.

Mae West was all about being a woman. She built her own roads and is willing, if we are, to show us how to build our own. With her help I’ve become a much more prolific writer, a better cook, a fearless traveler and an activist for the sexual and emotional wellbeing of women at any age. And I’m trying to learn how to flirt.

Join me, if you will, and we will find our own way…our Tao.