Would Mae West Have Eaten Out Alone?

Chez Nous Exterior

Hell Yes! Mae Wet did whatever she felt like doing whenever she felt like doing it.

I have lots of friends, women and men, who don’t eat out alone…or who absolutely hate doing so and hide behind books when they find they must. Now, I’m not saying that’s wrong. What’ works for some of us rarely works for us all.

In my first marriage (spit) I was miserable most of the time. My day off, when he (spit) was not around, was filled with household chores done lightening fast so I could take myself out to either a solo lunch or an art gallery stroll in silence.

For 25 years I never ate alone. And then suddenly, I either did so – ate alone – or went hungry. After I got over grieving through all courses, I began to like eating alone, both at home and out in public. When I traveled – for the first time alone – to New Orleans…I fell in love with taking myself out to a nice meal.

I believe that Mae West would also chat with (flirt with) the server or the bar tender, expect extra service (and get it) and leave a generous tip.

And when she walked out the door…everyone in the place would know she had been there. I try to do the same.