Writing Is Better Than….

It’s not easy, and It’s not always fun. It takes me away from a thousand other activities – all of which might be healthier and more sane. But, there you have it. I’m hooked.

Elisabet Ney had a little Mae West in her!

Born in Germany in the middle of the 1800’s, Ney got her first commissions in her early 20’s. A lovely strawberry blond, she sculpted the great and famous of Europe. Was (possibly) romantically linked to the Rock Stars of the day. She fell in love with and married Duncan Montgomery, a handsome Scot who was making a...


6 Reasons To Love/Hate Your Editor

For my first book, Never Heard of ‘Em,I had only one editor. We were on a fiercely tight deadline and he just put his lap top by his bed to make corrections whenever I send him the next chapter. I didn’t have time to hate this hard worker. 1. ONE...